How to change headline picked up by social media

Hi: When I share my new site to Facebook, the headline says “Front Page - My Blog”. I have changed the setting everywhere I know to put in the actual name and tagline for the site. I have about 10 other WP sites and all of them display the name and tagline and not this default information. I don’t know how to make the appropriate changes with this theme. I have attached screen shot.

My site is:

Thanks for any help in getting the site to send out the correct descriptive information.


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That’s weird.
You may have a look at the YOAST SEO plugin and see if that helps.

Essentially, with the plugin, you will be able to have a look at and edit what is shown to search engines and social media when your link is shared.

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Thanks for that suggestion. I went through the Yoast set up, since I hadn’t done that yet. I saw one place where it asked for the site name, and the correct info was already there. I looked at every part of it, but I don’t see anywhere other than Site Name for this type of info.

The words “front Page” are found in the page list beside the name of the home page, so I presume that’s where it’s getting that from. I can’t see anywhere where it says “My Blog” so I have no idea where it is picking that up from. I searched the site for that and it was not found.

Maybe it’s just taking a long time to propagate?

Do you have any other ideas? Thanks for your help!

I tried deactivating the Yoast plugin and then it was fine - social media posts picking up the correct info. I reactivated it and it still seems to be fine. So it was something to do with that. Thanks for the clue!