how to change image postition below the title in sparkling

Hi, sir, this is an excellent theme I appreciate who is a develop this theme
This is my website “
The featured image is above the title in present situation. could you please help me change the image position to below the title I will try all the possible solutions like colorlib plugin and change the code but no use. my website posts change to like this

Thank You

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Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:
im so sorry to say but without customization of the themeplate this is not possible, unfortunately, there is no option in the theme to change the location of the title and featured image in this situation :frowning:
Colorlib Support Team

how to customize the template to change image position below the title could please explain step by step clearly
thank you

Hi @bhanu,

Use this Child theme, that will make the featured image display below the title.

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Hi bhanu,

Sorry i ask it here, but how did you make separate sidebar for your search, follow, popular posts and for categories?

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Got it to be splitted, but how to get border for all widgets like you have?
#secondary .well {
background-color: transparent;
border: 0;
box-shadow: none;
padding: 0;

#secondary .widget {
background-color: #fff;
padding: 20px;
margin-bottom: 30px;

Hi again,

Got it
#secondary .widget {
border: 1px solid #77A464;

to bhanu also add border-radius: 0;
#secondary .well {
border-radius: 0;

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Hi Marko,

Glad we helped. :slight_smile:

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