How to change landing page on mobile version?

Hi, thank you for your previous assistance. I am using a child theme and this is my website: I have a couple of questions:

  1. By reading through previous posts on the forum I have managed to link my landing page to my home page which is great (and I know very simple to do but I am very inexperienced here). But now when I check my site on my mobile my landing page is my blog page - hope that makes sense. So not sure why this is or what I have done to make this happen as prior to setting up the link it was displaying fine.

  2. Where/how do I make the logo in my header a bit larger in size? I would like it possibly 25% bigger?

  1. I don’t know which one you call “landing page” but I still see slider + blog on front page no mater what device I use. This can be changed via WordPress dashboard - Settings - Reading - " A static page (select below)" to use static page for front page.
    It is actually impossible to make different landing page for mobile and desktop unless you are code or have found some plugin for that but I doubt that there is any.

  2. Upload a bigger image. Currently your image is 100% of its size and making it bigger via code would make it pixelated, so it is a no no in web design.

Thank you again Aigars for your help (and apologies for the newbie questions!)