How to change "Rad More" and "Comment" in the post meta?

Thank you for releasing such a neat theme! I really do like it.

I got 2 questions:

  1. how to change “read more” link and “comment” in the post meta?
    im using a german wp installation and ive changed the entries in your themes language file but what i typed in there does not show up.

  2. The sidebar isnt showing on the left side (1024×800, firefox 21). How can i fix this?

kind regards

  1. Translations does work but you have to create a new file called “de_DE.po” for German language. So WordPress can understand what you ask from it. Default language files is not attached to the theme itself so changes won’t reflect unless you create a new file.

You can copy/paste it and edit the lines you need. Just remember to name it “de_DE.po” for German.
If you translate the theme entirely you can send translation to me and I will add it to the default installation and will feature you as the supporter for this theme.

  1. Will check what I can do about this one. Stay tuned!

I tweaked style.css and now sidebar should be present on Firefox and and other display lower resolution displays.

You can download it from here:

I hope you don’t mind about this solution.
Similar tweak will be included in the next theme version.

Thank you for your quick response. The fix is working fine, i just had to change some lines again to make it fit my needs.

Im translating the language file to german right now to show you my support. Ive uploaded the file de_DE.po into the themes language folder but it doesn’t make any change. Theme options and post meta are still in english. Do i have to change the language setting manually?

Right now im using a workaround (by editing the file content-extensions.php) but having a proper translated version is way better so i wont stop until i finished the translation. I will share the results and send you the language file as soon as it is working!

Thanks you for your time translation this theme!

I just checked again and it does work for me. It appears that there might be some issue with the way you are using it.
Do you use “Poedit” or some other app to make changes? “Poedit” is my favorite for creating translations.

In general “.po” files consists of two lines and one is for English version and second is for your localized version. This allows wordpress to change language string where needed.
So issues could be that you are just replacing English text string with German and nothing happens so WP continues to use default ones from ” content-extensions.php” and other files.

Let me know if this is the case or there is something else.