How to change the email address on the top left of the website to another email?

Hi, how do I:

  1. Change the email address on the top left to another email address, or remove it completely?
  2. Change the colour of the top bar (above the slider) to white, as my logo is already black in colour.

Thank you in advance.
My website is


Good morning Glenn

  1. i see you already changed mail
  2. use this css to change the header bg color:

.top-header-bar-container {
background: #9a9a9a;

Good morning Noda.

Thank you for your quick response.

As for the email address, right now it’s [email protected], but I want it to show [email protected] instead as I don’t want my mailbox to be bombarded by enquiry emails.


Glenn, check settings in appearance > customize

Hi Noda, can’t seem to locate the place to change the email address in the customise section. Is there some settings I did not import correctly?


Same problem here, “appearance > customize” don’t have option to change email on top…