How to change the yellow color of the theme?

Hey guys, I love this theme and I’ve been using it for my site, but the yellow colour doesn’t quite fit with my colour scheme. Is there a change I can make, which will work throughout the page? I tried doing a find and replace all of the hexa throughout all the theme layout files, but it’s still there in several locations of my page, notably when you hover over any link.

Hello @vaibhav,

I cannot fully assist you with changing the color all over the website since it would require extensive custom work that clearly falls out of the support plan.

If you want to give it a try, you need to locate this file on your FTP server: /wp-content/themes/illdy/layout/css/main.min.css and change all the #ffde00 yellow color code to match your color.

I hope this gets you forward, otherwise provide the website link and I’ll try to guide you around.


I’m having the same issue. Here’s my website link:
Please guide me around

Hello @savraha1,

What is the issue that you are encountering?

Custom color scheme requires extensive custom work that clearly falls outside the support plan but I can try guiding you around if you have specific questions.

Best regards

I’m having the same problem. I’ve replaced every instance of the yellow color code in main.css, main.min.css and main.scss. Still the colors are yellow. Chrome inspector is showing yellow color in main.scss file but when I use my FTP to view that file the color code is different.

And yes I’ve refreshed my cache. I don’t know where this color is coming from.

Hello @vee727,

Can you please provide the website link, screenshots or preferable temporary admin dashboard login details via a private message after you have created a dedicated forum post with the issue and more details.

The theme is using this CSS file:

If you change the values there or just duplicate and overwrite the CSS rules everything should be working alright.