How to change travelify theme color (#439f55)?

I’d like to change the theme color from green to blue as I’m building a site about the Greek islands How can I do this?

I see that you already did that.

But for other who want to do the same thing:
There are two colors used for theme elements: #439f55 #57ad68. Just look them up on style.css and change to ones you like. You can use search and replace functionality in any text editor.

Hi Aigars,
I followed the directions you said to change the colors from green to grey (desired color#C0C0C0), but nothing changed. Please advise. Thank you!

Did you made sure that you changed all entries?
For instance color #439f55 is mentioned in 27 places in the style.css and you should change all of those entries. To simplify this you can use search and replace function in most text editors.

I made a quick example with your given color:

Just replace it with your existing style.css file.

For other who are looking to change Travelify color here is a another thread that gets into more details:

Theme is now available in 16.7 million color variations. Make sure to update to Travelify 2.0 and use WordPress customizer which is available via WordPress dashboard - Appearance - Customize.

This is a major update to Travelify, so make sure to update from any version you are using now!