How to consume date generated on gentelella datepicker

Hello anyone can give me any tip to get the date generated by datepicker at gentelella ?
Iam starting to use bootstrap and have no clue on how to consume the date generated by gentelella theme. need put the date on a form tag, or variable…(or when click “submit” on calendar, it call a javascript function/post to a url)

Thank you so much

Hey there

Well, that’s a difficult question, if you started using HTML templates and you want to use a date picker then you should know how to use it, HTML templates require at least beginner experience with the HTML CSS and just a little bit of JS, without this you will be not able to create a website

Hi support, I have knowledge on HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and just want to know how to capture the daterange when click submit, i was looking for the sourcecodes but cant find it. Iam using another datepicker and it worked, thank you for the good will in your answer. What help!


That’s great :slight_smile:
Looks like this calendar form does not have an event to trigger date time, so, most probably you have to create a such JS code yourself to capture data chosen by the user


yes, i saw about the trigger, i will work on it because the theme datapicker is so beauty.
thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for understanding @phazzi :slight_smile: