How to create a child the from Illdy


I’d tried to create a child theme of Illdy but… didn’t work ?. If I activate the child theme all changes done from Appearence>Customization (in spanish Apariencia>Personalizar) are not shown.

I created the child theme after designing the web using Illdy theme.

Thank’s so much

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See attached a document explaining the steps you need to take in order to make sure that the child theme is working correctly.

Pleas read,follow the steps and after if it still doesn’t work send me a prvt message with an wp admin so we can check.

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Are you making the customisations to the illdy theme, or your child theme? It sounds like you are making it to the original illdy theme.

If so, when you activate your child theme, it’s like activating any other theme, all customisations will be lost.

You should activate your child theme, then make changes in that theme.

Hope it’s as simple as that

Hello again!

I think that the problem is that I’d cutomized Illdy them, not child theme.

Thank you @doncoop and @Keymaster for your invaluable help.


I am glad that this was solved.

Thank you @doncoop,