How To Create Custom Home Page

Hello Admin,
This is Sunil From tutofactory… Few Years ago i made a wp video tutorial by using your theme sparkling… that was really awesome theme… and recently i see new theme news paper x that was awesome theme…

so im making a video tutorial with news paper x theme… but i want small help… i need a custom home page … i’m using page builder for that…

but ur theme not supporting custom home page… is there anyway to change that…

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today and thanks for using our theme.

As it stands, we would not be able to force a third party plugin to work with the theme.
What is the page but what page builder are you using?

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Thanks For Your Reply…

Im Using Page Builder for my home Page

Hey there,

Thank you for replying with this information.

Unfortunately Newspaper - X at this time doesn’t support a page builder,
What I can do is put in feature request to the developer to implement this,
However I can’t give an ETA on when or if it will be implemented.

We apologize rot eh inconvenience caused by this.

If you do wish to customize the home page, it will have to be done thru custom coding, which is beyond the scope of support that can be provided. I suggest hiring a freelance developer as they work for affordable prices.

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