How to create full width slider like on Sparkling theme demo

Hi, sorry about the breach of etiquette earlier, can you have a look at this problem I am experiencing, I want a slider just like the demo header, but the image only fills the center third of the screen header area. I am using an image 2000 × 1334px. I followed the theme documentation guidelines exactly, but the image keeps cropping.
Any ideas what could be going wrong? I’ve uploaded an image of my homepage.


Hi @happybloodycamper,

I hope you are well today and thanks for posting here.

The Sparkling theme slider is displaying full width on my test site.

Please make sure by cross checking it that you have set full width images for the slider posts and also share me here the screenshot of the set image width in the admin area.

I wanted to access your site to troubleshoot the issue but it seems your site is behind the Comin Soon message so i can’t access it.

Do you have any development site where i can troubleshoot the issue?

Kind Regards,