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Hi everyone, first sorry for my english, I speak french.

I have a question, I just download the Illdy theme but I have a problem with the menus on the top. In the demo version on your website, we can see that when weclick on About menu on top for example it scrolls down to the About part.
How can I set that … ?

Thank you in advance.


Hello @daezza,

To add menus with anchor points you should add custom menu links to your header menu and put the section name after a hashtag. You can see the section id/name if you hover over the link in the demo preview.

For example, the About anchor menu will look like this:

Let me know if you got it right.


I tried this but was unable to get it to work. Is there something I could be missing?


Est-ce que vous avez fait cette manip ?

How To Configure Front Page
sur cette page : Illdy Theme Documentation - Colorlib

je vous recommande toutes les vidéos si cela n’est pas déjà fait :).

Cordialement, José French too :slight_smile:

I tried this but was unable to get it to work. Is there something I could be missing?

Hello @coolin63,

Can you please include more details about the issue you are encountering?
What is not working?

Website link would be great so I can track down the malfunction.

Thank you

I can’t set up the header menu to scroll down to the section when using it as the one-page setup. I have the “Test” title pointing to a custom link- but when I click it it just opens a new page.

My site is


Hello, try to add the appropriate http or https or better yet, delete that part and only start the custom link with the WWW.

Let me know if this fixed it.


That did it removed the http and added the www! Works Perfectly now thanks!


same problem here, I’ve tried all the solutions described up there but nothing work… any idea ?

Hello @ades2005,

Can you post the website link?
Mark it as private, if necessary.

Meanwhile, take a look here:


Dear Colorlib,
this is a great theme, I really love it but I have huge problems with the menu.
problem 1: I have the same problem with the menu. I cannot set the menu to show sections from the front page.
problem 2: I wanted to bring a category item in the menu, but when I did, the link from the menu to the page showed on the header: CATEGORY + the name. Can I take out the word ‘category’ as my website is in Romanian?
problem 2bis: can I change the blog page automatic menu items (category, meta tag etc) into Romanian? How?
problem 3: can I change the colour of the BLOG PAGE header (menu) and whatever else gets written on the big picture. It is white and sometimes does not read well on all pictures from blog. Also the dot colour to change?
problem 4: changing the colours as described in problem 3 will also affect the colours of the same words and the dots shown on the FRONT PAGE - I’d prefer not to.
I hope you can help me with my problems. my page is
I appreciate this very very much.

Hello Cecilia,

Please go to Dashboard > Appearances > Menus and try to add custom links to the menu, it should work based on the examples you find in this thread.

I’m having trouble to understand some of the other issues or they require too much custom work.

I need to ask you to keep it as clean as possible, create your own support threads and include as many screenshots as possible.


Regarding anchor point menu in ILLDY theme (which I like very much by the way):
After much trial and error and reading over this thread I managed to get four of my 6 menu items to work. [See]
Home is configured as and brings me back home from the call out pages. The other three (of the four that work) only worked when configured as simply #section. They only work on the landing page but that is okay.
The problem is that I cannot get the last two menu items (news and contact) to work at all. I have tried every variation I could think of. (With & without: http, www, website name, etc.) In scrolling over the section menu in your demo I saw “blog” and “contact us” as the section names and have used them in the url. Perhaps I have something wrong here?
Or perhaps it is something else entirely!
Help please?

Hello Barbara,

It seems to me that you didn’t got the right anchors name.

Please use this for the news: #latest-news and this for the contact: #contact-us

This should do the trick, let me know otherwise.


Many thanks. The whole menu now works fine - I just needed the correct Section names.

About Section only for work

Please reply… sir

Hello colorlib,

I am new with wordpress and i have the same problem with shapely theme. I want click on menu on top and scrolls down to the About part. My wordpress is And the two menu I created for test call “Nos partenaires” and “Limitless”.I tried your advice about http https and www but can’t have the scroll. thank for your help.

A problem that I discovered by accident is that for the theme I used (Illdy) the menu that you set up works differently if you are in the admin/dashboard of your site or not. I would follow all their instructions then test it only to find that it didn’t work. Then the keymaster went in and set it up - doing exactly the same thing as me - and I looked at the site as though I was a visitor, and it did work! But, when I am in the site, it wouldn’t work properly.

Hi all,

Please post a new thread instead on replying to old ones. We will reply you there.