how to customize footer and remove

Hello, it’s legal to remove “Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress” from the footer ?

If it’s legal how I can do that ?

Thanks a lot.

(Can i just do it in CSS if I can), and put my website credits like “Year, My website. all rights reserved” in widget) ?

Nobody to help me ?


Sorry for my english it is not very good.
I rephrase my question because the term credit is not correct.
So can I put my own copyright text on the theme ? and remove the text after it (“Theme by Colorlib Powered by WordPress”).

If a people can help me about that , because I want to create my website on your theme.

Thanks a lot.

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You can change the copyright information as you wish. You can change it via Appearance – Theme Options – Footer. This link was posted before because it has more information explaining how you can change the copyright in the footer.

Here is the link:

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