How to customized display of the homepage, above url

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I would like to customized display of my homepage, small text above my URL.
You can see in attachment it is written:
Front page | Stoere Helden

I would like to remove words front page. So its written only
Coaching voor kids en tieners.
I tried in the Settings/Reading. And my choice is to
a) use post (that I don’t have and my client doesn’t want it)
b) or to use Static page where I can chose between Front page or Sample page.
If I chose front page text Front Page is written above, if I use Sample page I get the standard post that I don’t want.
But cant customizes the text. At least I don’t see where I could do that.

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Hi irena

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i am not one of them Support, but maybe i can help you for that. it’s sample.

Go please to setting then go to General and at site title write what you want to appear there. (Coaching voor kids en tieners)

I hope it’s will be good for you

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You would have to use an SEO plugin to to change the title:

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Thank you hb2018 and Support team for your answer!

Now front page is gone from above little tab :slight_smile: nice

Just when I type in google Stoere Helden, then I get again as a site title after
Stoere Helden again word FRONT PAGE.
I guess because I don’t use post?

Do you know where to remove it?
In my SEO descriptions, I don’t call anything Front page

Hi Irena

This question is not related to our theme and to be honest i don’t know, what i know is that its related to SEO plugin and WordPress setup, so go ahead and check it

Can i close this ticket now?