How to Develop Website Templates in Colorlib?


Is it possible to develop website templates with the help of Colorlib? As I have developed a website [Justelegance and now I am looking to customize it with different templates. Can Colorlib provide me with the templates to make my website look unique and attractive? Does it provide any customization options to create one-of-a-kind website?

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Not clearly get the point of the question, we have HTML templates, they are predesigned websites, I’m not sure how they can be used on already-made websites, do you mean to merge the style?
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Colorlib provides website templates for various website builders, such as WordPress, Bootstrap, and Joomla. Choose a website template editor that you are familiar with and comfortable using.
Browse through the existing templates on Colorlib to get an idea of the structure, layout, and design elements used in the templates. Take note of the color schemes, fonts, and graphics used in the templates.

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