How to disable hover of social icons in header

Dear Aigar

It is me again, i would like to know that is it possible to disable the hover feature of the social icons on the top right side at the header?

I mean I don’t want to show the icons in grey colour but I would like them from the beginning to show their original colours and styles same as the icons after I point my mouse on them.

If it is possible to do it, can you advise me how to do that.
Methee Wu

There is no on/off switch for that or some really simple method, however, it can be done. Here is an example how you can change button color to white and then replace background for Facbook and Twitter buttons. If you have more buttons, just follow this given example by editing one icon by another.

It is not difficult but might take some time.

Color codes for social buttons you can find on theme default style.css

.social-icons ul li a {
    color: #fff;
.social-icons ul li.facebook a {
    background: #3B5998;
.social-icons ul li.twitter a {
    background: #00aced;

Dear Aigars

Thank a lots! I will follow your advice !


Methee Wu