How to disable html tags stripping on main news page

Hi, everybody. can some one explain to me how i can disable html stripping filtering html tags in main posts page,

for example i create new post with some tags youtube video. i save it and on main page i can’t see that but when i go to post it self there is everything is fine.

how can i disable this? it’s very annoying, no picture, videos or other html stuff

Hi @m4xim,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

You can achieve this by adding custom excerpt along with html tags in the post Excerpt field as described on the following page.

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can you please write more detailed, i can’t understand where is that file, where it start filtering. As i can’t understand it’s on theme’s or core’s filtering? i know that thereis content.php file there is some filters but i try them nothing happens.

by your word i understand that i need array with tags and add my html tags?

why it’s so hard, it’s looks like madness because almost everybody need pictures, videos or just html tags like ul or ol on main page.

I think you have not visited the following link which explains what is post excerpt and how to use it.

Actually you don’t need to edit any theme file, you have to just copy the post content from text view of editor along with HTML code and paste it in the post excerpt field which is explained above.