How to display selected categories on the front page?

Firstly, thanks for such a sweet theme.

Need your help in the following:

  1. how to display only selected categories on my front page?
  2. when i removed the text area for the front page, i am getting the categories displayed twice on the image . How do i remove that category name from the display?

Please advise.

Please treat me as a novice as i am starting to learn :slight_smile:

  1. It is not possible by default with this theme and you should look for some plugins that does just that.
  2. Did you follow these instructions?

There is no way category is shown twice unless you did some changes in HTML/PHP, which is not necessary to make these changes.

When i meant category twice, i meant the label .

With regards to the categories plugin, can you recommend/suggest me one please. Appreciate your efforts here.

I got a good Plugin for category exclusion and it works for me. thanks for the advice.

Can you help me on the other item. I understand that link which you shared is to ensure you remove all the text area. It will work good if posts are with images. however my setup is this way.
I have 2 categories pages, first one is images and text, second one is just text(no images).
When i apply that code, looks like it will hide everything in text area which means, my category which has only text, will not be shown.

Hope i was able to explain you my need. Appreciate your help.

You should style category pages based on their ID. See your website source, there should be something like category-201 and you can apply any previously mentioned changes only for this page.

Which means that now you should apply styles like this:

.category-201 .pinbin-copy {
    display: none;

Only category with ID 201 will be affected in this case.

Looks like i am not doing something right… i am not getting the desired results. I am pasting the snapshot of my category page which i want to have only Images displayed without any content , title, date or category name on the front page. When the user clicks the image, he /she should be able to see all the details which were hidden in the front page.

Per the image, i want to remove those highlighted boxes for removing title and post area content of this page, which is a category page.