How To Download Etsy Shop to Wordpress Website

I can’t find the proper information I need or directions in order to download my Etsy Shop onto my Worpress website. The API I created has been validated. Looking to place Etsy shop on my “Shop Now” Page. Any help is greatly appreciated.

For other newbies like myself…Just a second look closer after having my API Validated for Etsy on my Wordpress site, there was one more step in the same area that I overlooked. Basically, I just didn’t finish the process. Just remember to set your Etsy shop up by creating sections (which I found out in another Etsy to Wordpress Video Tutorial. That way, when Wordpress produces the short code for it by section, all your listing will show up. For me, I only have 5 listings so far. We’ll see how the rest goes.

Hey there

Problem is not related to any WordPress theme, but nice to hear its resolved :slight_smile: