How to edit Frontpage


Is it possible to edit Frontpage using Page Editor?
When I’m opening FrontPage in editor I can see only blank table! see attachement.

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You can use a page editor but it would not look like the theme demo. In order to edit the front page go to Appearance > Widgets then add the Shapely widgets to the frontpage section.

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Thx for your answer.
So ii is not possible to for example change a color of the title in the Parralax Sectionfor FrontPage?
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Not everything can be customized unfortunately, some text color or font size is fixed, all possible settings of this and all elements are bunded in the appearance > customize if you cnt find any setting here then its not optional but this is not the end we cna help you with custom css, in this case, you have to provide link to the page and reference to the element you want to change