How to Enlarge Site Logo

Good day Colorlib and community,

Please can anyone assist. I’ve been trying my best to enlarge my site logo, as it
is very small. But I can’t seem to come right. Any code suggestions css that might
fix this issue?

Thank you so much

Hey there

Please always include a link to the page in the initial question :slight_smile:

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Apologies, forgot to insert the link. Here it is:

Thank you so much.

Would you also please guide me on how to make the social icons bigger as well. Thank you so much!


You can use this codes to make changes:

#menu-social ul li a:before, #menu-social-1 ul li a:before { font-size: 17px; }

.col-md-4.header-logo a img { width: 372px !important; max-width: 372px !important; }

Thank you for the response and assistance. I cant seem to skip cropping on the logo that I upload, so now with the correct size, the logo is blurry. How can I fix this? Thank you again for your time and support.


I cant see your site anymore:

Our site is coming soon

We are doing some maintenance on our site. It won’t take long, we promise. Come back and visit us again in a few days. Thank you for your patience!

Nice to know :slight_smile: