How to find HTML templates responsi for Hotel-Rural website?

Hi, my name is Miguel, and I’m looking for an HTML template to create a
web (for Computer and Mobile Devices) for a house-hotel
rural, A rural house.
I have already written several times and still have no answer.
If you do not want me to keep writing, and look elsewhere for what I need.

I’d like it to have:

  • animations and animated image galleries.
    -A section to be able to make online reservations (calendar to choose days and
    -A contact page,
    -a page with a Google Maps Map
  • Section for customers to leave comments on their experience at our hotel.
  • Possibility of viewing the website in several languages: English, French, German, etc.
    I do not know if I express everything I need, they have issues about hotels, but not what I need.
    An example: (how is it in HTML)
    Thank you for your attention and kind regards.

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question
First of all, I’m seeing your message first time :slight_smile:
Ok, you want HTML website for a hostel, and you already have chosen one of our template, can you tell me what is your question??
Some of your mentioned features are not available in the template, (you can check them on the demo) nd they must be manually added by you,

Colorlib Support Team

Hello, thanks for your attention, and good day.
I wanted to know if with an HTML template I have to add the databases myself for a section of “online reservations”

Today I found some that could be worth for my purpose:

The problem is that I still do not have experience creating database, (only use Rethinkdb) so it would be difficult to edit the templates to add the functionality.
How could I solve that?
As it is, I am interested in several templates, but if they do not come with the functionality of “online reservations”, I should look for others.
I think with WordPress if they have that functionality, so I’ll ask another question to learn how to edit the WordPress templates, never use WordPress and I do not know how it works.
Can you help me or should I ask another question?
Thanks, I hope to see explained my doubt, use the translator, and does not always express what you want.
Thank you.

Hi @miguelitolaparra

" wanted to know if with an HTML template I have to add the databases" - I think you need a better understanding of hot HTML templates work :slight_smile: they are all without a database, you have to build backend yourself, this is the only frontend,
"learn how to edit the WordPress templates " - my suggestion is to search this question in the web :slight_smile: