How to fix broken navigation menu in WordPress?

Hi Aigars, before I paste the old stylesheet back and start all over again, I wanted to know if you could possibly tell me how to fix (provided its an easy fix) an issue I am having. I was in the style sheet changing colors and fonts – and next thing i know, the drop down menus on the site are messed up. They don’t stay up long enough to click on them. Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

You menu is not working due to huge border at the bottom of the menu.

Now you need to push your sub-menu up in order to make it work again. Something like this should do the trick.

#main-nav ul li ul {
	top: 34px;

You are a genius!!! <3 Thank you so much. Makes me realize how tedious and confusing this coding stuff is. Although I don’t do this as a job and am just helping a friend out with her new business, I should probably take some kind of classes. Do you teach this? I would love to take some kind of web based training for beginners just to see how to better customize the look of this template…ie changing fonts, colors, and look of the menu bar, etc. Or is there a plugin that will help me do this without all the coding expertise? I’ve been watching video after video…most of which doesn’t pertain to this particular template.

Each template has its own divs and ids so you will need to learn HTML/CSS as a whole.

I can recommend this awesome free video course to learn HTML&CSS. It covers basics but it will be more than enough to customize any WordPress theme and create some basic HTML website.

It will take far less than 30 days to get through this course but you will learn a lot in the process if you will take some extra steps for practice.

OK I will definitely check out the website! Thanks again