How to get phone number in header. How to adjust footer size.

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I have looked up the following but haven’t had any luck implementing changes.


Two Questions:
1.How to get phone number in header.
2. How to adjust footer size.


  1. Where exactly you want to add the phone number, if you tell that, I will tell that it is possible or not.
  2. You meant the footer font size or the padding around it? can you give us a screenshot which size, so that we can guide you to adjust the size.

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Here are the issues attached.

  1. Display phone number in header (right side of page)
  2. How to adjust text padding in footer
  3. How to hide menu icon when browser minimized
  4. How to adjust text position on top image



  1. Use this header.php in to your child theme, and it will add the phone number in the right side of the header. Change the phone number inside the header.php around line #55 header.php ==>

  2. Add this Custom CSS in your child theme’s style.css or Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS.

footer { padding: 10px 0; }

default is 72px.

  1. Use this Custom CSS,

.mobile-toggle { display: none !important; }

  1. I didn’t see any text in your website, can you share us the site that has text or add the text and let us know.

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