How to hide article dates on Google Search Engine

I need help with this issue, I want to hide the post dates on Google Search Engine. I’m using Newspaper X Theme on my website. Please check the image of what I want to change…

If you know the exact code or plugging help then, please leave a reply.


Hey there

You need to utilize SEO plugins to refine search results, yu may try something like Yoast by Seo plugin :slight_smile:


Yes. I’ve been using Yoast SEO plugin but don’t know the solution. How can I solve this issue?

Hi there

Check this instruction: Remove Date from Google Search Results in WordPress - Recolize
if it’s not worked then you may need to customize the template to hide the dates, but be aware, its not possible to partially remove them only for google search, you need to hide it from the site as well

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