How to implement individual cursor?

Dear Activello Users,

i´d like to implement an individual cursor for my complete blog. Found the following css-command somewhere in the internet:

body, a:hover {cursor: url(garfield.cur), progress;}

It means that it is only for the body when a link is hovered an there was no information where the “garfielt.cur” shoud be stored within the theme.

I´d like to show the cursor simply anywhere on my blog.

Help is kindly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


Hey there

Not clearly understand your question, you already have a solution?
By the way, it will not work, this is a correct code:

body a:hover {cursor: url(garfield.cur), progress;}

Make sure you have correct url path to your cursor image

Hi Noda,

you misunderstood me. I have abolsutely no idea where to implement the individual cursor. All i have is a cursor.cur-file and that´s it. I don´t know where to store it within the theme an which file i have to change or how the custom css should look like.

many thanks in advance


Hi there

You have to store this code in APpearance > customize > Additional CSS, make sure path to the media file is correct

Please also note, this is not theme related question

Thank you. It worked, but the cursor shows only up when hovering f.e. the picture of the postin. I would like to replace all possible cursors by my individual cursor.

Many thanks in advance


Hi Gt

In this case, you have to utilize something like this:

body {cursor: url(garfield.cur), progress;}