How to incorporate and use the "Table Templates" on my website? Please help

Hi there,

Sorry to ask this newbie question,

I have downloaded this very nice table template:

However, I’m just stuck at the step on how to make it working on my Wordpress website. Am I supposed to manually edit the files and uploaded via FTP?
Do you have a recommended tutorial that can help and make this clear?

I do love these beautiful tables and would like to buy the extended license for removing the footer.
Much Appreciated and looking forward to your reply!

Hi Heta,

It is simply a HTML & CSS template, it can’t be used directly into WordPress as a plugin or Theme,

But if you have a coding knowledge, you can convert that to into a plugin. you can include the CSS file in to your theme’s style.css and the JS file into your WordPress and then create the the table using the same markup.

Let us know if you have any other questions,