How to install In my WordPress website

can anyone tell me how to install anime theme in wordpress website pelase some one help me.

I aked my host and they say this-

ohh my good some one please help me its a html teamplete. please refund my money for tell me how can i use it on wordpress.

Pease refund my money i request you i asked my mom for that money, please do something. i have to get a theme for my anime wordpress website.

Hi there

As the title of any template says it’s a website template, not a WordPress theme.
You need to initiate the refund process from your bank account

please tell me how to get refund.

Hi @Solanki

Easiest method to get refund is to start refund process form your bank account,
you can also contact us directly by using contact form but this will take more time

i donot know how to do this from bank acoount. please do it from your side, take your time just give me refund.

please some one help me


Did you send your inquiry from our contact us page?

You can also contact to your bank for refund process

WHat the heck is this, i never visited the dam site so how can i do spam.

Cant say why but usually spam detection software is doing this, it detects unusual behavior from the user side, try little bit later or from different Ip, try from your mobile device, use network

Now what


Use mail from this ticket: Refund issues - No responses - #2 by colorlibsupport