How to keep the site description with the logo


I’ve already install the Travelify theme and I’m trying to do some changes.
What I’m trying to do is the use of a logo image in the header while keeping the site description. Is this possible? How can it be done?


The simplest method is to add your website description directly to your logo as image.

If you feel confident as developer you can tweak header-extensions.php file which is located in theme folder - library - structure. You will see two function one with logo and one with title as text. You should merge them into one function that does it all. It is matter of copy/paste.

Another solution is just to use forum search to find that this question was answered several times already:

Aigars, thanks a lot, I solved it with for your reply! I looked in the forum, but apparentely did it wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there an easyer way know or do I still have to edit the header-extensions.php?
Just asking because the theme has been updated so that I wouldn’t have to do it again and again on all updates.