How to leave the default video

How to leave the default video in the post, to place anywhere in the post. I don’t want to use thema’s player

Pixova Lite

Hey there

I’m sorry, but I don’t clearly understand your question, can you please bring some examples with the screenshot?

When making a post with a video and text, in the Pixova Lite theme it does not use a standard video playback system, as it always places the video at the top of the post.

hey there

Let me see it, please provide url to the post and the screenshot


Where is the url? please also provide url of the post

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Thank you, from the frontend it appears normally for me, can you please send your admin details in my message here?

What happens is that I cannot place the video in the middle of the text, it is always at the top.


Can you send me an admin details to check the problem?

I can’t put the video, where I want it always stays at the top of the text.


Please see my previous reply, is there any chance to check this on the website? can you share your admin details?
username: demo
password: demo

The link from the example post is from a different domain and you provided different domain for checking

The content is the same, it is a backup of the site.

Well, you have to tell me :slight_smile:

check this out:
video is placed in the text and its appearing in the text

When placing video on youtube, it does not generate the problem, this only occurs when placing video directly on the platform.