How to license in boostrap template


1-) I will use the theme called Medex, but I have to pay $ 21 to change the footer parts on the pages. Is a license number given after purchasing the license? or something else Thanks.

2-) Can I edit the theme without a license? Can I convert pages to PHP? Does the license only concern the footer part?

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Thank you for the questions

  1. Yes, you just need to pay for 21$ and you will get rights to remove footer credits, no, yet we are not providing license numbers
  2. You can change any part of the theme but not the footer credit, it can be changed only after you buy the license
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Thank you very much for your help. I will purchase the license when I have completed some parts.

I am from India. I am unable to pay through PayPal because my credit card or debit card doesn’t work with paypal outside India. Any other ways to make payment?

Thanks, you are welcome

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Well, we accept only PayPal for this moment but we are looking for new payment systems as well to integrate, stay tuned