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I’m about to get the $ 99 license package, but I haven’t seen any vidoe or articles describing how to do lisnas and how to get these licenses

I can also use a theme as much as I want. How do I get the license for each site I set up and where can I add this license, please can you direct me to an article?

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İngilizcem çok iyi değil lütfen hatalarımı hoş görün
99$ olan lisans paketini almak üzereyim ancak lisnas işlemi nasıl yapılır ve bu lisansları nasıl alacağımı anlatan hiç bir vidoe veya makale göremedim

ayrıca bir temayı istediğim kadar kullanabilirmiyim her kurdugum site için lisansı nasıl alacağım ve bu lisansı nereye ekleyeceğim lütfen beni bir makaleye yönlendirebilirmisiniz?

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all the information about the license is here: Licence - Colorlib
Please note, there is no other rules about license, you are not purchasing products that need to be activated somewhere, you just getting rights to remove footer credits form all your templates, this is what 99$ license means :slight_smile:

So which purchase is valid for which themes can I download premium themes or is it only for free themes?

Hi , Support I want to buy $99 package to access all templates to use in unlimited domain.Please help to answer my following question :
1.Is the license for all temaplates can be used for infinite time or need to renew ? If renew what is the time span ?
2.Can I remove the footer credits from all templates in all websites where I will use your template?
3.Will I get any discount in this package ?
4.Can I mix two themes in one theme if I purchase this ?

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Hello Shrestha

  1. Yes, this is for infinite time, there is no renew option, its lifetime license
  2. Yes, you can remove
  3. No, there is no discount option to license
  4. yes you can, no problem with this

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