How to limit text length in front page for Pinbin theme?

I have a question. First, I love your theme! I hope it will work for my business. What I’m wondering is if I can set a limit on the amount of text that is shown in a post on a page (ex. teaser text), which forces the reader to click the arrow icon to read the rest of the text. Occasionally I might like to write a bit longer of a post, and I’m not clear how to do that without the theme creating an enormous box to fit all of the text in one place.

This theme uses WordPress Post Excerpt. Which means that it trims text automatically after 55 words or if there is no HTML code like images etc that could make excerpt shorter.

However, you can set Excerpt own length for each and every port. Underneath each Post when editing it you will notice a box called “Excerpt”. Just place your text there. There are no limits for the length. It can be one word or an entire post.

If you don’t have “Excerpt” field under the Post Edit area you can enable it “Screen Options” on the upper right corner.

Awesome! It was exactly what I was looking for! Didn’t know that there is a field called Excerpt in WordPress Dashboard