How to link to widgets on the homepage and add downloadable pdf files

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Apologies for the noob-ness of my questions, I’m a complete beginner.

I want to use the two links on my top widget to link to widgets further down the homepage. However, I can’t figure out the URL/anchors for these widgets. I want the “about” link to link to my about widget (2nd in the order) and my “contact” link to link to the contact widget (last widget on the homepage). I’d also link the “contact” option in my header menu to link to that same contact widget.

One other think, I want two or three of the other links on my homepage to be to download a PDF file. How can I do this?

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The anchor links need to have the CSS selector of the element so you would have to right click the element then use the CSS selector there to link to the element. Here is an article to help:

You can add the PDF to a page and have the user download it there, please see the following:

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Thanks for your reply. I’m using the Shapely theme, and when I go into the pages tab and select the front-page, no code or other content appears in the visual or text menus.

Any ideas how to figure this out?


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I am not clear what the issue is?

Are you trying to customize the frontpage?

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I want to have links at the top of the homepage that act as shortcuts to widgets that are further down the same page. How do i do this?


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If im not wrong all you need is our documentation:

you can find here how to create menus connected to page sections/widgets