How to make form submission work?

hey there,
I hope you are well,
I bought the all food template (for restaurants), and I was wondering how to make the form submission work, I’m a beginner at coding so I would appreciate it if you could provide me with a step by step process so that the form sends me an email when it’s submitted.

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Hi there

In order to make forms work in HTML template, you need to implement a PHP processing file in the site, without PHP its not possible to make those fields work
Example and tutorial:

hi there, thanks for your quick reply
I have the PHP process in the template, and I changed the email that was there by default and put my business email instead, but still, it’s not working
thank you

In this case, you have to debug it, check if your hosting supports send mail function and if it’s enabled now

is there a way we can get on a Zoom call to solve this issue?
I’m willing to pay extra if necessary
thank you


Sorry, we cant offer Zoom call under this support rules frame :slight_smile:

Pm me for custom work