How to make "Full-Width" post template CONTENT full-width?

I am making a blog post full of images and selecting the “Full-Width” template for the post, and I want just the content to be the full-width of the page.

I’ve been able to use

body.single-post #main.container {
width: 100%;

to achieve the desired result, but this also changes the width of my menu items, featured image, post title, comments, author section, etc. I only want to change the width of the post content itself, and leave everything else the way it is. How can I narrow down the CSS selector to do this?

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Sorry but this is not optional and without customization of the theme this is not possible, all blog post content is wrapped in one container and if you make it full width then everything will be full width, also, it’s not possible to make several elements of this container full width

Colorlib Support Team