How to make menu drop down upon hover?

Hey there guys,

First off, great job with the theme. Simple, easy to use, and just awesome in general. Having one small issue though. I have a secondary links under a primary menu on my navigation bar. As it is right now, someone has to click on the primary text in order for the menu to drop down. This primary text seems to also not be hyperlinked as well.

My question is, how can I make the primary text hyperlinked, and how can I make the menu drop down upon hover? Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Screenshot of what I’m talking about:


I am aware than menu items doesn’t open on hover and it will be fixed in the theme theme update. I have submitted this update for review but it is already 2 weeks pending review but hopefully it will be live soon.

Top menu items are not clickable as it because theme is based on Bootstrap frontend framework and it doesn’t support clickable top menu items when dropdown is used. There are some hacky workarounds but none of them works perfectly on mobile.

Ah okay, understandable. So is there any solution that you could possibly suggest to achieve the functionality I’m looking for?


There are plenty of threads on Colorlib forum that helps to solve this but none of them are perfect but you can give it a try if you want to. Here is one of those threads.