How to make slider unclickable and add navigation buttons to it?

this is a perfect theme for my purpose, works very nicely with Woocommerce.
Is it possible to change what happens when the user clicks on a slide? Ideally I’d like this to simply move the slider on to the next slide, i.e. skip the pause. Alternatively I would like nothing to happen at all. I don’t want the click to take the user to the post page.

Great if you can help.

Thanks – I just saw in your answer of August 17 how to amend to disable the clickthrough. But it would be good if it could click onto the next slide also.

Good that you already found your answer.

I could make it available as update some day if I get enough request for that but it requires a lot of coding to just simply modify it now.
Sorry about that.

I agree the scroll through buttons or arrows to next or previous slide would be a nice addition.

Scroll buttons (back, next) on the slider would be a great addition to an already excellent theme.