How to move back to top button on the left side in Travelify?

Hi Aigars ! Many thanks. You have done a wonderful theme, and even is it is free, you answer to all our questions !! Really We appreciate that ! And continue like that, great job !

Please can you tell me how I can move the scroll-up button from left of the screen to the right? I’ve installed a chat plugin to make my site becoming more interactive, and permit to people to discuss and interact more easily. But at its actual position, it is impossible to see the scroll-up button, that’s why I wanna move it ! You can see tha final look of my site at !! Really I hope you will appreciate the work done with that your theme, whoch I really like.

Thanks again for your help, and for the job you’re doing !

Thank you for your outstanding feedback! Glad you like this theme.

Actually it is very easy to move back to top button from right to left. You just need to add this to Them Options – Other – Custom CSS.

.back-to-top {
	left: 18px;

I don’t know if you already did but I would highly appreciate if you could rate/review this theme on :

I haven’t done so yet, but I will at the moment. Thanks again for your support. People like you doesn’t being born everyday ! Thanks again for the support.

I have done what you said, but intead of moving the back to top button, it just add width and, I thought that I had done a mistake, so i removed the “doth” before back-to-top, and it just froze the background !

Ok, I see. That’s my bad since I tested it only via Chrome Development Tools.

Replace previously given code with this one and see if that works

.back-to-top {
	left: 18px;
	max-width: 40px

Hallo Aigars,
I would like to ask you to help with “move back to top button” from right to left in Spakling theme. I tried to use your short code written above, but it does not function. Can you help me, please?
Many thanks

Hi @nunciuss,

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