How to move the page scroll up icon in the footer to the left side?

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If you scroll to the bottom of my website, you will see in the footer a scroll to the top of page icon; however, it is not clickable, because the ReCaptcha logo is there (it is hidden via CSS). How can I move it to the left side or remove it? I did not see it as a plugin, so I think it is native to the theme (if not, do you know what plugin it is or how to move it?)


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My apologies. This was addressed here and it works:

I do have one request, though, Noda. If you go to my page and go to my contact form, you will notice on the “Tell Me About Your Project”, the textbox can be stretched way outside of the form. How can I fix that with CSS?

One more thing on that same text area on the homepage.
If you try to submit the form without filling out the text area (“tell me about your project”), the error displays in the box versus below it. So how can we fix that and not being able to let it reside out of the form like addresses above?
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Well, looks like something has bee changed on the site while I was not answering it? this is what i have right now:

Hey there! I was able to reproduce it by dragging the textbox out (it will by default appear the way you show), but if you check out the attachment, try dragging the textbox out and you will see. I do not want it to be abel to do that. Only drag vertically, not horizontally outside of the contact form element.