How to put an image under header

Dear Aigars,

I’m trying to have an image under the menu. I put this image together to show you what I mean. I’m refering to the red bar…

Is there a way I can have this show only the first time the person opens the site?

Many thanks,

Miguel K

Adding an image would be easy and you could add it inside header.php file right above or below this code:

		<div class="top-section">
				<?php sparkling_featured_slider(); ?>
				<?php sparkling_call_for_action(); ?>

A simple image tag would be enough for that task

<img src="patch-to-image/smiley.gif" alt="Smiley face">

But to make it appear only for first time visitors you need some more advanced coding ass you need to drop cookies to that user, so next time this message won’t be visible. It is doable but you need to master PHP to get this done.

An easier alternative would be to use some read-made visitor welcome plugin that already have cookie functionality built in and you would have edit HTML/CSS part to make it look like in screenshot posted above.

Hello Aigars,

Thank you so much.

May I ask you a second question? What if I wanted to have an image under the menu, and in the image, have a field to collect emails? Such as this website:

Many thanks!


Hello Aigars,

I’m trying to upload an image under the menu.
As you advised I add this simple tag inside header.php file right above the mentioned code :
img src=“Header-Matteo.jpg”

However the image does not appear (here the blog I’m working on : and I really don’t understand where my mistake is. I tried different photo, different size (like 1920x550 or 1138x202), different type (jpg or gif). It does not change anything.
I’m lost… Could you please help me out ?

Thanks in advance.

@emmask, you need to put the full path to the image to make this work.

try this…

this was an image on your site so put the appropriate path to the image you want.


Hello MC,

Thank you for coming back to me.
I did unload the picture in my medias library, then copy/paste the path in the header.php folder, but it still doesnt work. I still have this instead.

What do u mean by “try this” ? I dont see anything.

Thanks in advance.