How to put links on the header, for each category

Hello there, thanks for this great theme. I have banner headers for each category. There is possibile to show only 1 image header on each category? I saw that in the admin, on the header page, i have only the “Random: Show a different image on each page” option. For example, on i have multiple category: ex: “Despre Pulsar” “Produse” “Asistenta” “Dealeri Pulsar” “Legislatie” “Presa” “Contact”. 7 headers in total, 1 for each category. I hope I made ​​myself clear, sry for any confusion :smiley: Tx

Header Image is controlled default WordPress functions and this theme only controls image size, the rest is done by WordPress itself.

For additional modification of header image function you might look into:

Tx alot for promt response. Good luck