How to put the shortcode in header Secondary menu?


May i know How to put the shortcode/plugin tool in header Secondary menu?
just like siderbar.

Hey here

Not clearly understand your question, can you please add some more details? what is your goal? also, please include link to your website


i want put the shortcode (this shortcode is login interface) in header secondary menu,like below picture.
but setting just can put the link only , can’t put the code or tools.
Or there are other ways?

Hi there,

The theme does not have a facility or feature that can allow for that and you will need to do your own customization to add that login widget \ box in the menu.

The theme does not have a secondary menu location also.
For customization help you can use the service that specializes in this here -

Alternatively you can see if there is a plugin you can use that adds such functionality to your header menu area.
Hope this clears things up.


Is ok, i already settled.


Hi, there

Ok I will now close the topic and mark it as resolved. Feel free to contact us again Thanks!