How to remove author name, date and title, as well as Leave a Reply on only one page


I’m trying to figure out how to remove the author name and date on my “About Us” page as well as the Leave a Reply section. I want to remove author name and date on only this and perhaps a few other explanatory pages but keep author name and date for the blog posts.

Please see

Thank you.

Hey there

You may use this css code to remove the date and author from your about us page:

.page-id-83 .entry-meta,
.page-id-XX .entry-meta {
display: none;

Please note, if you want to remove it form other pages you need to replace XX in the code to the page id

Thank you very much! That worked. But what about removing the Leave a Reply box on pages where it doesn’t belong such as


Hm, strange, Ic ant see any “Leave a reply” box on your website, is it removed?

Yes, I found the solution.

For those interested, what it requires to remove Leave a Reply is to make sure discussion and comments are check in the screen options at the top of the page. Then, once you’ve done that, further down the page unclick comments.

You are welcome and thank you for sharing solution