how to remove columns

i’m using this illdy theme. i’m working on the main page not the blog post nor other pages. i’d like to make the ‘three’ columns to ‘one’ column on the ‘services’ and ‘about’ area. i deleted two widget and made it one column but the one column is still located at the left side (like the photo i attached). it’s not located in the middle. if anyone knows, please please tell me how to make the one column to be located in the middle. thank you in advance.


Try using this CSS solution, it should work like a charm:

#about .col-sm-4{
    margin: 0 auto !important;
    display: inline-block !important;
    float: none !important;

If this is not working as expected, maybe you can provide the website link for a live preview.


Thank you soooooo much. the column is located right in the middle now. but the width size is 1/3 of the full width size. i’d like to make this column bigger. how can i fix it? please see the attached image file. Thanks again. =)

ah. i wrote 100% and it works! =)

That’s great!