How to remove Excerpts and show full content instead for category pages in WP?

I don´t wana have excerpt in the categories view. How can I setup the right configuration:

Thanks for your help. I really like your theme.

Theme is not built to support that by default but it is doable.

Open content-extensions.php file located in theme folder – library – structure and find the line 133, that says < ?php the_excerpt(); ?>

Now replace it with < ?php the_content(); ?>.

Now you will see that your website is working but read more button will still be there so remove code from line 151-153 which is related to “Read more button”.

You can add extra modification there if you like.

works like a charm. Perfect great!

Just a little hint, it´s not in the header-extensions.php, it´s in the content-extensions.php :wink: .

Can you try to view my site with a mobile device? It seems there is a little format problem with the footer bar. If you can´t I´ll provide a screenshot for you.

Hmm, I see.
There is some CSS styling issues. Will check what I can do about it. Will try to address it in the next theme update.


bouncing off this topic. This mod seem to modify the way posts are displayed across the site. I would like posts to appear as excerpts on the home page but as full content on category pages.

Would be awesome if you could suggest a solution.


  1. Open file called content-extensions.php which is located in Theme folder - library structure.
  2. Inside that file find function called travelify_theloop_for_archive
  3. In that function replace the_exceprt with the_content

Now you will see that all page including your front blog page and archive will have full content display. To fix that follow these steps.

  1. Create a new Page and call it Blog or whatever you want.
  2. Select Blog Page template you want to use (Blog Image Large or other) from the Page Attributes widget. When creating your Blog Page
  3. Now open WordPress Dashboard - Settings - Reading and select “A static page” and choose your previously created Blog page for “Front page”.

Now it should work like you wanted. Full content archive pages and front page with featured image + excerpt.

Thanks for the help, it’s working exactly as we were hoping.
On to more tweaks :slight_smile:

Hi, I want to know how I can increase the length of the excerpt of a particular blog post in a category page…Thanks

For excerpts you can either create manual filter (PHP shils required) or just add it manually for each post.

There should be Excerpt field under article in Post Edit screen. If there is no such field you can enable it via Screen Options located in the upper right corner of the thame Post Edit screen. There is no limits for Excerpt length when added manually.

I am using the travelify theme and I encounter a problems which is the page attribute. I wrote a page (E.g.essay 1)and tried to put it under a parent (E.g. essay 2) but when I go into the parent page, I could not see the page of the child. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you in advance. !!!

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