How to remove feature image from blog post

I’d like to keep the feature image on the blog page but remove it from the blog posts.

I tried this in custom CSS
(as suggested here Display of full Blog - #2 by elgaetano

.single #blog .blog-post .blog-post-image{
display: none;

but it didn’t work

Hey @jackiebrown

Can you please provide a link to your single blog post?


Hello, @jackiebrown

To remove the featured image from individual blog posts while keeping it on the blog page, you’ll need to target the specific CSS class or ID that applies to the featured image within the single post template. The CSS snippet you’ve tried may not be working due to a different structure or class naming in your theme.

Here’s a general approach you can take, which you may need to adjust based on your theme’s specific classes and IDs:

.single-post .post-thumbnail, .single-post .entry-thumbnail {
display: none;

targets the .post-thumbnail or .entry-thumbnail class within single posts (.single-post). If your theme uses different class names for the featured image, you’ll need to inspect the page and find the correct class or ID to hide.

To apply this CSS:

Go to your WordPress dashboard.
Navigate to Appearance > Customize.
Open the Additional CSS section.
Paste the CSS snippet into the field provided.
Click Publish to save the changes.
If you’re still having trouble, you can use the browser’s developer tools to inspect the element and find the exact class or ID used for the featured image on single post pages. Once you have the correct selector, you can apply the display: none; property to hide it.

I hope my suggestion is helpful for you. If you want more details please tell me I am happy to help you.

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Hey there,

Thank you angela683h for such a detailed reply :slight_smile: