How to remove " leave a reply" field form posts?

how i remove window of the comments below the pages and posts ( leave a reply )??

Under each and every post when you are inside Post/Page edit screen there should be widget called “Discussion”. You can Enable/Disable comments from there.
If you can’t see this box you can enable it via “Screen Options” on the upper right corner on the same Post/Page edit screen.

You can also disable Comments via WordPress dashboard – Settings – Discussion. There is a checkbox called “Allow people to post comments on new articles”.

Look this page:

I make that you tell me . But show the window form comments !!

And now i dont make login, with my password !!

You haven’t done what I explained you earlier.
When comments are disabled globally they will not work for newly created Posts/Page but for already published pages you will have to edit them separately from Page to Page.