How to remove post date in serp

I would like to remove post date from google search result page :
search result

I already did it by css on my blog posts and pages, but I want to remove it everywhere.
I know it has something to do with function sparkling_posted_on() but I don’t know how to remove the date (and keep the rest about author and category).

Can you help me ?

I am using a child theme with my own style.css (the css I am using for my website) and no function.php file yet.

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Hey there

With just css you can’t hide that data, you need to customize the template to achieve this, the easiest way is to find function (you already did this) and remove it from the theme files or deactivate it by another function.

IM so sorry but customization is not included in the free support scope

Thank you for this answer.
Can you point me to a ressource that could help for that (or tell me how I can pay to have a complete answer ?) ?

Thank you ?

hello @maksanse

Thank you but all you need in this case is a freelance developer, unfortunately, we are not providing such service yet and I cant suggest anything