How to remove posts from blog that are already added on slider?

I would like not to include the articles I am using for the slider, in the Blog page. Is that possible?
Thank you

You can target these post based on their assigned class. Here is a simple CSS code that would help me to hide all posts from “Post Formats” category on my website:

.home .category-post-formats {
    display: none;

You should inspect your website source to find the right classes or you can post your website URL and name category that you want to hide.

Alternative method would be to hide posts based on their ID. Here is a simple example:

.home .post-1177 {
    display: none;

Again you can find this ID in your website source.

Thank you!
I know my question might sound ridiculous, but I am trying hard with no results!
If it is the general blog page, would be .home? Or some other?
Kind regards


I don’t know your actual website setup, so either post your website URL or look for the right classes in your website source.